Who Are We

Eagle Tactical Arms is the name of the manufacturer company, which is the production center of tactical shotguns, hunting shotguns and sport shotguns, which uses modern technology and attaches importance to innovation, quality and punctuality, and produces all metal and plastic parts on its own.We are a company that aims to raise the understanding of quality even more from its management to its employees, from its suppliers to its authorized dealerships. Our principle is to offer our customers the best product with the best price policy.

With new models and product variety, we are making further progress to our goal every day in order to increase our brand awareness abroad, which is among our goals, and to reach new markets.Eagle Tactical Arms, one of Turkey's leading arms manufacturers, brings together the technologies of the future with its talented engineers and employees.

Combining knowledge and experience with technological innovations, designing and producing new products in line with customer demands, having a greater say in the international arms industry.

The vision of our company, which has an important place in the production of shotguns; To be a worldwide brand, especially to be a preferred quality and innovative organization.

Eagle Tactical Arms offers its customers the assurance of being an international brand with its widespread sales network all over Turkey and in many countries of the world, and determines its quality policies accordingly. Eagle Tactical Arms carries out its works to produce quality and accessible products by making use of all the possibilities of technology. Eagle Tactical Arms not only follows the latest technologies, but also brings its customers together with the products of the future with the technologies it has developed. Acting with the awareness that the most important element of quality is human resources, Eagle Tactical Arms cares about providing the necessary conditions for its employees to develop themselves and use their talents at the highest level.